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Special Needs Registries - Bridge the Gap


In 2009, after experiencing little Brian run away from our home and elope, my wife and I had a discussion that led to the creation of the San Diego Sheriff's Department Take Me Home program. While researching my idea for a data base I found one that served as my introduction and that was the Take Me Home Program designed by Officer Jimmy Donahoe, a Florida peace officer.

I was very fortunate to work with some great people within the SDSO including Lt. Dave Schaller, Under Sheriff Kirby Beyer and San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore. I was able to bring all of my ideas together and help create this program that has been described as the most sophisticated special needs data-base in the nation.

As recent tragedies have unfolded the desire for these data bases has grown. The San Diego system continues to flourish. Our goal was to make a system that utilized the partner groups (Autism Society, Regional Center, Alzheimer's Association and other groups) to help us endorse the system and register their members. The San Diego system utilizes cutting edge technology in facial recognition, person and address data, geo fencing and alerts and other technology to assist officers in the field with the information that they need.

The San Diego Sheriff's Department and I have agreed to help other law enforcement agencies assist with the creation of these systems whether they be at a city, county, state or national level. These systems work! Please check the articles and forms page for examples of the forms that are used. See below for the link to the San Diego Sheriff's Department Take Me Home program page. There is also a link to a video promoting the program staring two pretty amazing kids (Okay their mine!). 

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